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SKU: PR-010

Kevlar Stark

These seamless gloves combine good sensitivity with considerable insulating capacity. The Kevlar fibre, manufactured by the world-renowned DuPont company, has a very high insulating capacity and thermal resistance of up to 300 °C. This fibre is non-flammable and non-melting. It also has remarkable mechanical resistance. This makes Kevlar Stark particularly suitable for use in areas with considerable mechanical stress.

Product attributes

Besonderheiten / Special Features: Ohne störende Nähte gute Isolierfähigkeit nicht brennend nicht schmelzend gute mechanische Beständigkeit / Without irritating seams, good insulating properties, non-burning, non-melting, good mechanical resistance
Material: 100% Kevlar von Du Pont / 100% Kevlar from Du Pont
Fertigung / Manufacturing: Nahtloser Handschuh in grober Strickart / Seamless glove in coarse knitted design

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