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SKU: PR-012

Kevlar Frottee

A special knitted weave makes it possible to produce terry loops in these seamless gloves. This weave ensures very good insulating properties. The permanently incombustible and infusible fibre Kevlar from DuPont further supports the effect through its good heat retention capacity. Its good mechanical resistance makes Kevlar fibre particularly suitable for work under heat stress and mechanical strain. Kevlar terrycloth is available in different lengths.

Product attributes

Besonderheiten / Special Features: Hohe Isolierung durch Frotteeschlingen hohe mechanische Beständigkeit nahtlose Fertigung / High insulation due to terry loops, high mechanical resistance, seamless production
Material: 100% Kevlar von Du Pont / 100% Kevlar from Du Pont
Fertigung / Manufacturing: Nahtloser Handschuh in Frotteebindung / Seamless glove in terry weave

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