Lint-free and electronic gloves

We produce protective gloves that are almost completely lint-free and reliably protect sensitive components from dirt transfer and static charge. Our gloves are seamless, reusable and protect against sweat and fingerprints in low cleanroom classes yet provide a high level of sensitivity for the wearer.

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Why antistatic gloves?

In many industries that manufacture or install microelectronic components, such as the computer industry or aircraft manufacturing, electrostatically charged particles are a major problem. Even the smallest electrostatic charges affect the delicate circuit boards and can reduce the quality of the processed components or even severely damage them. Antistatic work gloves address this issue and offer sensible protection against undesirable electrical charges.

We develop according to your specifications

You have a special requirement and have not found what you are looking for in our standard electronic products? Please contact us! We will be happy to discuss your project and develop a new individual glove according to your special specifications.

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