Protective gloves

Hands and fingers are the most valuable tools we humans possess: Without the fine motor skills, accuracy and high sensitivity our fingers offer us, we could never “grasp” the world around us so vividly. This is just as true in the workplace as it is in our leisure time. We sew special gloves which optimally protect your hands and fingers under all conditions.


Our primary goal is to keep the dangers to your hands in daily use as low as possible. For this reason, we started developing and testing special protective work gloves at an early stage. Today, we can offer you professionally made gloves for use in workshops as well as laboratories, on machines or in the security sector.

We use a wide variety of materials for our protective clothing, including natural materials such as cotton as well as synthetic fibres made of polyamide, polypropylene and polyester or synthetic fibres such as Kevlar and Nomex. By individually combining all of these components, we achieve the highest wearing comfort and maximum durability with our products.

Areas of application

We protect your hands in many different situations! More than 30 years of experience and the demand for the highest quality have allowed our product range to grow continuously. In addition to silicone-free gloves for laminating and painting, you will also find heat-resistant gloves that can withstand temperatures of more than 300 °C. Beyond that, we also offer cut-resistant gloves made of hard-wearing Kevlar fibres and very fine gloves for assembly and electronic work.

You can find suitable gloves for your application in the following categories: