Assembly gloves

We produce work gloves specially designed for delicate assembly work. Whether as a wafer-thin under-glove for rubber gloves, a hard-wearing Kevlar protective glove for mechanically demanding tasks or made of polypropylene fibre for working with synthetic resins. The range of assembly gloves we offer knows almost no bounds.

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Touch and feel

Most of us like to work with our fingers because they give us direct and immediate feedback on the hardness, texture and strength of the object being worked on. In particular, the fine motor skills of our fingers play serve important role in assembly work. In order not to distort our perception when gripping and grasping, a high degree of sensitivity is crucial. Because we can only do good assembly work if our sense of touch is accurate.

Suitable processing

The focus of our assembly gloves is therefore on the sense of touch, maximum freedom of movement and high resilience. The material composition and workmanship highly depend on the intended use of the gloves. Depending on the area of use, we can avoid disturbing seams, reinforce the material or improve the wearing comfort with an additional inner glove.

We develop according to your specifications

You have a special requirement and have not found what you are looking for in our standard assembly products? Please contact us! We will be happy to discuss your wishes and ideas and develop a new individual glove according to your specifications.

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Texgreen 120

Strongest variant – Particularly suitable for assembly work with heavy mechanical stress without the risk of cuts. These sewn gloves have a very high sensitivity. Thanks to the skin-friendly cotton,…

Texbrown 110

Medium variant – Particularly suitable for month work with medium mechanical stress. These sewn gloves have a very high sensitivity. Thanks to the skin-friendly cotton, a very high wearing comfort…

Texblue 100

Texblau 100 is the most delicate and thinnest variant. Especially suitable for assembly work with low mechanical stress. These sewn gloves have a very high sensitivity. Thanks to the skin-friendly…


These sewn gloves have a very high sensitivity. The skin-friendly cotton makes them very comfortable to wear, while the addition of polyester increases their mechanical resistance. We attached great importance…


These sewn gloves are made of a particularly dense knitted fabric. Due to the cut, this glove has a very high sensitivity. The nylon fibre hardly ever breaks and is…


These inexpensive seamless gloves are suitable for assembly work. The strong design enhances their mechanical resistance.

Baumwolle fein

This seamless glove combines good sensitivity with high skin-friendliness and good moisture absorption. Due to the thin knit, this glove can be worn under rubber gloves to increase their wearing…

Art 745 Kevlar

These seamless gloves combine good sensitivity with high mechanical durability. A special knit weave makes it possible to process the highly durable Kevlar fibre from DuPont on the outside of…